“Test Run” Program

At Harmony Financial Solutions, we understand that taking the initiative to begin working with a new individual on your financial plan is a big step. You may be currently working with an individual and for one reason or another are curious if there is a better fit for you somewhere else. Or perhaps this is the first time you have seriously considered beginning to work on creating a financial plan for your future. We understand that regardless of the path that led to our meeting, you want to be certain that us working together going forward will be in your and your family's best interest. For this reason, we are happy to offer our “test run” introduction to financial planning.

The test run program allows you to get an idea of what working with an advisor at Harmony Financial Solutions will be like before you make any formal decisions to work together long-term. We will spend time getting to know you and your family, your goals and your ambitions, as well as your values and the things most important to you. Then we will work together to get all of the relevant information that we would need to make recommendations to help you achieve your goals either more efficiently or more reliably or that take into account any speedbumps along the way.

Finally, we will spend time reviewing these recommendations with you and your family. At this point, you are able to make a decision in regards to whether you enjoyed the process working with your advisor and would like to continue working together long term or if you would like to keep searching for a better fit.

There is no obligation to implement any recommendations that your advisor makes if you choose not to and there is no cost to you for the meetings that led up to the recommendation process. We are looking forward to earning the right to work with you through your own test run!