Financial Advice for The Intentionally Prepared

Harmony Financial provides strategic wealth management to individuals, families, and business owners. We are committed to helping you confidently grow your estate and net worth, mitigate risk and capitalize on the potential your future holds.

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Families & Individuals

As an individual or family that is accumulating wealth, your goals to enhance, preserve and effectively transfer your wealth are paramount. You want to make sure your family is always cared for whether or not you’re there.

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Business Owners

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you're ambitious, passionate and have a keen eye for opportunity. We can help navigate the intricacies of your business and personal financial objectives with a range of experts.

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Trusted Advisors

The successful management of family or foundation assets requires the expertise of several trusted advisors working on behalf of you and your family as an integrated and focused team.

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Financial Advice For The Intentionally Prepared

Financial Security Advisor
Harmony Score: 150

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ryan Storey graduated from the University of Manitoba with an Honours degree in...

Managing Partner
Harmony Score: 186

Individually, we can all improve. It involves planning, discipline and most of all, the motivation to capitalize on all...

Account Executive
Harmony Score: 81

I started in the financial industry in 1980 and joined Freedom 55 Financial in 2004 when myself and my husband moved to...