Working With Families & Individuals | Harmony Financial Solutions

You are in a new stage of your life. That is retirement or transitioning from a career-focused lifestyle to a family-focused one. There is a lot to get used to, especially your financial situation. It is an exciting opportunity to work with your Harmony team on moving from creating and accumulating wealth to preserving and transitioning your wealth. This includes wealth management, income planning, risk management and estate planning.

We are in a world of too much information, including substantial amount of different financial data from a lot of different resources. Not only is deciding what resources to trust a time-consuming task, so is processing the “right” information. 

The Harmony team works with you on prioritizing your goals and providing you with financial advice to help you make financial decisions. We offer the “reader’s digest” version of a play book. We believe that a simplified plan is the most actionable plan to follow.

Preserving and managing tangible wealth in a complex and uncertain world can undoubtedly be a challenge. However, most often, failure to efficiently maintain wealth through retirement and for the next generations is due to lack of communication, education and trust among generations, rather than a poor investment strategy or a series of economic downturns. In working with our clients, we have learned that families who are successful at transitioning wealth from generation to generation focus on a team approach by involving family members and their trusted advisors.