What Makes Us Different

Harmony Financial is a boutique and client-centric firm, which means we have built a culture of focusing on creating intimate, valuable and engaging relationships with our clients. We offer an impressive range of financial services, industry experience and special skills within our organization. Yet, we uphold the “small firm” mentality by offering our dedicated relationship management team. We are able to get things done quickly.

Our unique investment philosophy is the heart of everything we do. It is solely designed for delivering results to match your wealth management goals. We avoid traditional risk profiling. Instead, we qualify your unique financial circumstances and attitude in numbers – Harmony Score. Your Harmony Score serves the foundation for our tailor-made plans. The final goal is to incorporate tax consideration, risk management and wealth accumulation strategies to achieve your financial goals most efficiently.

We put independent financial advice as our number 1 competitive advantage. We help build a portfolio or financial plan that clearly aligns with your intentions, rather than pushing branded products. The fact we are not owned by any insurance or investment companies, yet regulated under the same rules, we are able to make recommendations in your best interests. This is very rare within our industry, and we are fiercely proud of our autonomy.

It is not just about percentage of return or insurance payout. At Harmony Financial, we are aiming to establish long-term strategies, which fit to your financial needs in all economic conditions. Not only every financial plan is developed with downside protection in mind, our advisors are present and approachable to guide our clients through the emotions associated in making a sound financial decision, especially when the world seems to be against our strategies.

We encourage you to reach out to our advisors and client relations team. We would love to show you why we are regarded as one of the top financial firms in Manitoba.