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As professional sports fans, we celebrate winning. When we look at the most successful sports franchises, one key characteristic stands out: these organizations are true teams. They are not just a group of individual contributors who gather on the field at the same time, but also a group of professionals who collectively care about each other like a family. They trust each other and when one player does well, they all celebrate as a team.

Within the advisory industry, the team-based model of delivering superior service is where we see the highest future growth. Under this model, advisors pool resources to deliver products and services to their clients. Clients are shared and viewed as clients of the firm, not clients of individual advisors. This model enables the firm to be nimble, yet present a united front to clients, bringing together various team members to work on client issues based upon staff capacity, skill set and cost.

At Harmony Financial, we believe in building strong positive team cultures with clients’ trusted advisors, firmly grounded in the purpose of helping clients reach their financial goals. Achieving that purpose requires having a client-first mentality, rewarding excellence, honesty and teamwork.