Business Owners

Balance! As a business owner, you are a decision maker. You are facing professional, personal, family and financial decisions all day, every day. From health to wealth, there are a full spectrum of opportunities and issues coming your way. Most importantly, you are expected to handle them with perfection.

We understand this is an unique challenge, as we are business owners ourselves. We do not want to overwhelm you with more decisions and challenges. Our process is to maximize the opportunities you are presented with, yet we also explore and prioritize the unknown. Not only do we work to achieve higher efficiency with your current financial situation, but we also work to simplify it for you.

In the process of best balancing your business and personal life, we want to ensure that you enjoy the journey with the recognition you work so hard for. The Harmony team is assembled (with the mission to help you make empowered financial decisions focused on maximizing the efficiency of your financial resources) for one purpose only: to achieve the highest efficiency with the resources you allow us to operate with. We work with you to define what efficiency means to you; whether that means maximizing return on capital, achieving tax optimization, or capitalizing human capital in the event of death or illness. We have the tools, capability and willingness to work with you to achieve your goals.