Letter From The CEO

Who We Are

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you to learn how we can help. Our goal is to develop a deep relationship with our clients focused on helping you achieve your financial success efficiently with proactive advice and guidance.

Harmony Financial Solutions Inc. has a rich history of servicing Canadians across the country with their unique needs. This dates back from 1969.

The Harmony Team is currently under the leadership of Lei Ren.

The Harmony Team is the right team because every client engagement is with win-win in mind. We place client’s success first as the foundation of our success. We leverage our unique technical skills combined with our disciplined approach to ensure our clients maximize their money most efficiently. Most importantly, we respect our client’s priorities and personal space. This journey is about you, your success and your legacy. We don’t take your trust lightly.

One thing that is embedded in our engagement with clients is simplified communication. Finances can be overwhelming and complicated to understand. However, we have made conscious efforts to remove industry jargons and abbreviations. We want to use effective communication to enhance results, not complicate an already complicated subject.

I encourage you to get to know our values and how we are different and invite you to connect with a member of our team.

We will have a great journey together towards your financial success.