Discipline is the quality of being able to behave and work in a controlled way, which involves obeying particular standards. At Harmony Financial Solutions, discipline in the following 3 areas are the keys to our success, most importantly, they are the keys to delivering consistent results to our clients, which are superior to the market standards.


Discipline in diversification.

Most financial advising firms would agree that the most important investment principle is diversification, yet failing to ensure a portfolio is well diversified is one of the most common investing mistakes. Diversification ensures that you spread your eggs into enough baskets to reduce your exposure to any single event, industry or company, but increase the flexibility in achieving multiple, yet competing goals. Our unique risk and investment profile system (Harmony Score) is keeping our eyes on the long-term and overall success of your financial picture. Financial success is not a sprint, nor a gamble; our strategies are trying to hit the center area of the target as frequently and efficiently as possible. 


Discipline in compliance measures.

We believe compliance measures translate regulations, policies and laws, and create a harmonized win-win decision-making system, which encourages integrity and ethics. Not only do we design, implement, and monitor our clients’ financial plans, we also document and record key decision-making processes and their results. It makes accountability directly link to our rewards system. Such a system makes our advisors more real and personal to our clients, as we must apply solutions focused strategies to deliver tangible results within the timeframes provided. Each advisor with Harmony Financial Solutions Inc. is fully licensed in the areas where advice is provided. We enjoy an honest and personal experience which allows us to positively impact our clients’ financial situations. 


Discipline in loyalty.

As Harmony Advisors enter a working relationship with a client or clients, they commit to put the clients best interest at the core of all their recommendations. Harmony advisors act with prudence; that is with the skill, care, diligence and good judgement of a professional. Harmony advisors provide conspicuous, full and fair disclosure of all important facts. Harmony advisors will avoid conflicts of interest and always put their clients’ best interest first. Harmony advisors are loyal to their client’s and to achieving their clients’ desired outcomes.