Lei Ren CEPA, EPC, B.B.A.

Managing Partner
Harmony Score: 186

Individually, we can all improve. It involves planning, discipline and most of all, the motivation to capitalize on all the opportunities that lead to our goals. Lei Ren is passionate about helping his clients actively find ways to maximize their financial efficiency through understanding their unique personal, professional and family situations. His disciplined approach to wealth and risk management has benefited clients, not only looking to mitigate current issues, but also individuals, families and entrepreneurs wanting to create, grow and protect their estates in ways that’s meaningful to them.

As the principal advisor of Harmony Financial, Lei continually looks for ways to demonstrate leadership that excites the firm’s clients and staff. He believes every relationship must benefit in Harmony Financial – leader, associates, support team, and especially clients. He remains an inspired advisor, eager to share in success.

Lei enjoys spending time with his family – his two little kids keep him and Janine busy. Lei loves sports, namely basketball, soccer, golf and body building. Lastly, Lei is a book worm. He is on a pace to finish 40 books this year.

Website: www.leiren.ca